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Here you can find our online shop as well as tips and information on shoe and leather care on top: the ABC of shoe care. You get important information on smooth leather and rough leather, as well as on various other kinds of leather and of course you get directions on how to use waterproofers, shoe cream and other shoe care products.

Collonil Outdoor Active – a long tradition

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With this product range COLLONIL continues a tradition that has grown for more than 50 years. In 1962 already, COLLONIL-products were used during an expedition to Nanga Parbat.

Experience Collonil Organic

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Collonil Organic is a newly developed product range that largely dispenses with chemical substances and is made of 90% natural ingredients.

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COLLONIL, market leader for high quality shoe and leather care, has designed an effective cleaning and caring system for aircraft-seats made of leather. Material stresses caused by air conditioning, extreme changes in temperature and dirt accelerate the leather´s aging process.

The innovation – Collonil Nano-Tech

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The term "Nano" origins in the Greek language and means "dwarf". 1 Nano-metre is 1 millionth of 1 millimetre. The diameter of human hair is 50,000 times as wide.

Collonil 1909 – finest leather care

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It all began in 1909 when Karl Esslen took over the German distribution of the leather care product Collan Olja as a general representative. Accordingly, he founded the brand COLLONIL, together with the Salzenbrodt-brothers Paul and Walter.