Travel with style

Travel with style

Men in suits, women in elegant costumes: there was a time when flying was an exclusive and significant matter. Where nowadays mass processing and stress rule, we wish a return to the flair of the olden days.

Als Stewardess noch ein Traumjob war.

When stewardess was still a dream job.

It is as if there had never been a time when people wore their finest clothes and only their best shoes when on board an aeroplane and the flight itself was the adventure. Stewardess was still a dream job and pilots were looked up to with admiration.

Today it is “Easy jet set” and not class that rules: the airports are filled to overflowing, the queues at the security checks do not move forward and flights are often delayed. The drinks on board cost extra and the seats on the plane are uncomfortable. Where there was once applause for a safe arrival, today people hasten to the exits as fast as they can.

More style with simple means

A return to the noble 1950s might not be possible, but travel with style is also possible today with a few simple means. The places for flip-flops and hiking boots are the beach or the mountains. On board a plane you can score points with comfortable yachting shoes or elegant slip-ons. A classic blazer, matching the shoes in colour, shows fashion awareness. And he who wishes to perfect his style has recourse to a matching watch with a strap of fine leather.

In order that the prescribed sizes for hand luggage might be adhered to, it appears that many people are aware of just one type of luggage: a run-of-the-mill trolley bag. A leather Weekender on the other hand, lends one one’s own individual style and applies the finishing touch to your outfit. In order to look elegant when travelling you require neither an ironing board nor a shoe-cleaning box. Drip-dry shirts ensure a non-wrinkled look above the clouds. And for elegant leather shoes there is the shelf-shining sponge by Collonil. This frees smooth leather shoes from dust and slight stains and lends them an irresistible shine, without any polishing at all.

As of now, the Collonil-sponge is a part of every Lufthansa First Class Kit. A simple and quick shine with very little effort. Collonil thus lends the crowning finish to a stylish outfit also when airborne and brings us through its perfect styling just a little bit closer to the noble 1950s.

by Deana Mrkaja

Applicable Products


1909 Leather Cream

High quality nourishing cream for smooth leathers

75 ml (€12.67 / 100 ml)
High quality nourishing cream for smooth leathers. Contains precious oil and nourishing preparations. Delivers gentle cleansing, whilst giving the leather a brilliant shine. Revives tired shoe leather...
Apply evenly with sponge applicator or cloth. Let dry and polish afterwards.

1909 Leather Lotion

High quality leather lotion

100 ml (€11.95 / 100 ml)
High quality leather lotion enriched with aloe and precious oils. It revives and cares for all smooth leathers. It protects leather from drying out and keeps it soft and supple.

1909 Crème de Luxe

High-gloss cream

100 ml (€10.95 / 100 ml)
Natural waxes and oils protect and pamper smooth and high gloss leathers. It nourishes leather and intensively revives colours. For a perfect shine and texture for different colours. (Please note that...

1909 Application brush

Application brush

Specially developed brush exclusively for the Collonil 1909 Supreme Créme de Luxe. Rounded head allows ease of application of the cream. Ergonomic design. Perfect application to larger surfaces or ho...

1909 Fine polishing brush

Polishing brush

Fine polishing brush with natural goat's hair. Finest and softest bristles provide smooth and gleaming surfaces. The perfect tool for the perfect finishing touch.

Carbon Pro

Extremely durable protection against dirt and wetness

300 ml (€4.98 / 100 ml)
Our latest innovation in high-performance waterproofers. A revolutionary technology which enters a new era in shoe care. There has never been a product which protects better or lasts longer Protectio...
Spray from a distance of at least 30cm onto the cleaned surface of the material. The product must be used in well ventilated rooms or outside. After spray has dried completely, other care products ca...