The ABCs of Shoe Insoles


Are your feet freezing, sweltering, too narrow or achy? There’s an insole to help with each of those problems. Our insole guide will help you find the perfect inserts for your shoes. 

Our feet are sensitive body parts – and yet we often ignore them. Who really enjoys talking about foot trouble? Seventy-five percent of all people suffer from foot discomfort, however. Regular foot care and wearing high-quality shoe inserts are two ways to prevent and alleviate pain or discomfort. Collonil’s insole collection is designed with your foot wellbeing in mind. You can find a wide range of inserts including summer and winter insoles as well as specially-designed insoles for shoes worn without socks. These small ergonomic helpers don’t only improve your shoes’ wearing comfort, but can also help you stay steady on your feet.

Summer and barefoot insoles

Warm summer temperatures often cause feet to get a bit sweaty. Odours aren’t the only unpleasant thing, however, warm, moist foot environs are more prone to getting fungal infections. Summer insoles are a good preventative trick since they cool your feet and absorb excess moisture.

If you live in slip-ons or sandals in the summertime and rarely wear socks, you might be interested in insoles made of absorbent cotton terry cloth. Fans of sandals, mules and pumps can look for extra thin adhesive insoles that prevent your foot from slipping or sliding around.

Winter insoles

Winter temperatures are often cause for cold feet – especially for women. Multi-layered insoles with a wool or fleece top layer and insulated inner layer can help keep the temperature inside your shoes or boots nice and warm. Of course, this could also lead to your feet sweating excessively. Thus look for insoles with an activated charcoal layer to absorb any unpleasant odours that may form.

More high-tech winter insoles include temperature-regulating technology. These insoles will absorb excess body heat from your feet and radiate it back when your body temperature drops.

Versatile, year-round insoles

Leather insoles can help improve the climate inside your shoes. They provide a comfortable base layer and absorb excess moisture. An additional activated charcoal layer can help prevent odours from getting out of hand and a latex foam layer will offer your foot a bit more cushion.

Orthotic insoles

If you spend a lot of time standing at work or at home, you should make sure your feet are getting enough support. Specially-designed orthopaedic insoles take the pressure off your ankles, ligaments and spine and can counteract stress injuries.

Air circulation in your shoe is essential

Regardless of which insoles you choose, it’s important that your feet are able to breathe in your footwear. That’s why all Collonil products are made of breathable fabrics like leather, 100% wool and cotton, lambskin and coconut fibres. Make sure to remove your insoles from your shoes after wear so they can dry, ideally every time. But remember: don’t place them on radiators or heaters!

Applicable Products


Alu Therm Tech

Aluminum insole with a 4-layer structure

Optimum cold protection and anti-slip effect. Nonwoven woll top layer, aluminium intermediate layer insulates against cold from the ground. The activated charcoal filter layer minimizes foot odour and...


Temperature regulating insole

Collonil Ped Space with Outlast fibres that have been tested in space. The insole reacts to changes in temperature and compensates the body temperature by absorbing excess body heat and if necessary...

Anti Shock Comfort

Exchangeable food bed

Provides good climate in your shoe, due to its alcantara-surface. The memory latex layer combines optimal wearing characteristics with latest shock-absorbtion technology. The foodbed has an integrated...

Ocean Blue

Terrycloth barefoot innsole

Particularly welll padded due to a double latex layer.The upper side is made of cotton-terrycloth which absorbs the food´s moisture. The lower, napped side allows the air to circulate, pads and preve...

Sister Pippa Style

Design Insoles

Even the inside of your shoe is an eye catcher! Soft and dry feeling when wearing. Pleasantly cushioned and alwayscomfortable. Hardly any restriction due to the ultra-slim design, so especially suitab...

Gel Sohle Style Edition

Absorbing gel sole for comfortable wearability

The absorbing gel sole provides optimum Distribution of pressure to the foot. This relieves the foot from pain making tired feet a Thing of the past. The stylish surface made from high quality textile...

GEL Fussbett Allround

Perfect absorption

Extrem absorbing GEL footbed for all seasons. Alleviates pain in joints and feet, relieves strain on ligaments and the spine. Perfect wearing comfort. 3-layer System. The sole is perforated, thereby p...