How to take care of coloured shoes

How to take care of coloured shoes

With colourful shoes you can lend your outfit that special something. Unfortunately, however, colours do not last for ever. They pale very quickly unless proper care is taken of them. We will demonstrate how their radiance may be preserved for a long time.

If leather is to retain its colour and radiance for a long time, a particular form of care is required that should be attuned to the respective combination of materials. The Waterstop Colours Crème is suitable for smooth leathers but also for high tech materials. It nourishes the leather, refreshes its colour and preserves the waterproof protection of your shoes. Thanks to its integrated sponge applicator it may be applied easily and cleanly.

The Ultra Cream lends particularly fine and grained smooth leathers with lanolin a smooth grip and a silky shine. Its increased colour percentage does not merely activate the radiance of the material but also restores to faded and worn coloured leather what it loses through being worn.

Colour protection for colourful combinations of materials und patent leathers

Nubuk & Textile is a special form of liquid care that does not merely take care of and protects suede leathers, textiles and high tech materials but also refreshes their colours. Like all previously mentioned products it is available in a whole range of different colours.

The Colour Fashion Spray, on the other hand, is itself colourless, but has a colour activating effect. It is therefore ideal for colourful combinations of materials. For optimum protection against dirt and wetness it should be applied regularly.

Patent leather becomes fully impervious to liquids if impregnated with Lack Spray Classic. Moreover, the spray also protects the shoe by guarding against crumbling lacquer.

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Applicable Products


Colour Fashion

Colour activating and protection

200 ml (€4.98 / 100 ml)
Cares and protects against dirt and moisture. Activates the colour of fashionable coloured material combinations. Regular application intensifies the effect. Rough up suede.
Use only outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms. Before wearing the shoes for the first time, spray them three times from a distance of about 20 cm. Leave the shoes for about 20 minutes so that the spra...

Nubuk + Textile Classic

Liquid colour care for suede and textiles

100 ml (€6.95 / 100 ml)
Liquid care for shoes of suede leather, textiles and high-tech materials. Protects, conditions and revives colors. (Please note that the color representation can differ for technical reasons.)

Waterstop Colours

Care and waterproofing cream for smooth leather

75 ml (€9.27 / 100 ml)
Care and waterproofing cream for smooth leather and high tech materials. With jojoba and almond oil.
Clean smooth leather, apply a thin layer, let dry, polish with cloth.