Cleaning and care of sneakers

Cleaning and care of sneakers

Nowadays it is more than ever impossible to imagine the world of current fashion without sneakers. Whether in retro-design of canvass material, in classic leather or directly from the sports department in functional mesh materials – the range on offer is larger than ever before. This pleases the fashion-conscious shoe-wearer. And he is, of course, also interested in being able to wear his must-haves for as long as possible. This involves appropriate cleaning and care. And good advice in this respect need not necessarily be expensive!

Simple tips for clearing and care

You can clean your sneakers using those simple household remedies which each and every one of us will find in his own home. We have tried it ourselves and hereby demonstrate, using the example of an “all-time favourite”, that you can have your sneakers looking as good as new in the twinkling of an eye.


First, the most important piece of advice of them all: do not put your sneakers in the washing machine! By the spin cycle at the very latest first the shoes and then the washing machine will come off second best. Moreover, high temperatures attack stuck-on soles and most types of shoes are simply not designed for the volume of water used in a rinse cycle. Or would you jump into the pool or indeed go swimming whilst wearing your favourite shoes?

For the cleaning of sole and uppers two things are important: soap and the object being cleaned. If the rubber on the upper edge typical for this model (which is visible when wearing) of the sole has been dirtied, you require for cleaning purposes an eraser, a toothbrush, a sponge and a little washing-up liquid. You remove dark stripes from the rubber using the eraser before, with the aid of washing-up water and toothbrush, embarking upon the wet cleaning. In doing so you merely have to take care not to let the fabric of the uppers get too wet (takes a long time to dry). You may also clean the fabric with toothbrush and washing-up water  – in circular movements, of course – but here, too, please take care not to use too much water.

The shoelaces can be best treated if you clean them individually. Simply pull them out and wash them clean by hand using normal soap.

Washing-up liquids/soaps contain tensides that dissolve greasy stains particularly effectively and yet are not too aggressive thereby. They are thus well-suited for the cleaning of a wide variety of materials.

After cleaning allow the shoes to dry in the air. Do not put them close to or on top of the heating, however. The dry warmth could make the rubber brittle and distort the shape of the shoe.

You would like to have things a little easier? No problem!

There are, of course, also specialist products that turn the cleaning of rubber soles and uppers in to child’s play.


In caring for your shoes, particularly with regard to the protection of the uppers, you should not spurn professional products. You will soon come to the end of the line with your household remedies. In order to protect the material – whether canvass, leather or mesh – against dirt and water, we recommend high-performance waterproofing.

Depending upon the material we offer specialist waterproofing agents which, for example, are attuned to material mixtures (Colour Fashion Spray, Vario Spray)  or specific functional materials (Carbon Pro). As an absolute must, treat your new sneakers with a waterproofing agent before wearing them for the first time so that dirt does not have an opportunity to penetrate the material in the first place. Should it nonetheless still get dirty at any stage, cleaning will then be considerably easier.

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Applicable Products


Colour Fashion

Colour activating and protection

200 ml (€4.98 / 100 ml)
Cares and protects against dirt and moisture. Activates the colour of fashionable coloured material combinations. Regular application intensifies the effect. Rough up suede.
Use only outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms. Before wearing the shoes for the first time, spray them three times from a distance of about 20 cm. Leave the shoes for about 20 minutes so that the spra...

Vario Classic

Protection and conditioning for material combinations

Waterproofs and conditions leather, metallic materials, Perlato, synthetics, fur, stretch, felt and all material combinations. Protects against deeply embedded dirt and moisture. Conditions and revive...
Use only outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms. Before wearing the shoes for the first time, spray them three times from a distance of about 20 cm. Leave the shoes for about 20 minutes so that the spra...

Bamboo Lotion

Loosens dirt and cares with real bamboo

200 ml (€5.98 / 100 ml)
The Bamboo Lotion loosens stains and treats leather and textile material with precious moisture. Natural bamboo extract prevents loss of moisture and protects from drying out. Suitable for smooth leat...
Hold bottle upright and spray at a distance of about 20 cm and spread using a soft cloth. Dirt will loosen on it’s own. Brush the dirt off suede and textiles and allow it to dry. Roughen up if neces...

Inside Fresh & Clean

Cleaning for the shoe interior

150 ml (€6.33 / 100 ml)
Hygienic spray for cleaning and maintenance of the shoe interior. Best suited for sports shoes, sneakers and sandals. For a fresh wearing. Suitable for all materials.
Apply it into the shoe, clean the shoe interior afterwards with a cloth and let it dry. Check previously the material compatibility.

Carbon Pro

Extremely durable protection against dirt and wetness

€11.21 €14.95
300 ml (€3.74 / 100 ml)
Our latest innovation in high-performance waterproofers. A revolutionary technology which enters a new era in shoe care. There has never been a product which protects better or lasts longer Protectio...
Spray from a distance of at least 30cm onto the cleaned surface of the material. The product must be used in well ventilated rooms or outside. After spray has dried completely, other care products ca...