Intelligent waterproofing– how to keep your feet dry

Intelligent waterproofing– how to keep your feet dry

Autumn and winter are unpleasant and can even be dangerous – at least for your shoes. Here it is only the proper waterproofing agent that can help.

The cold season is before us: wetness, cold, snow, sludge, and grit are extreme stress tests for chic footwear. Once the shoes have got wet and acquired ugly water or grit rings it is often difficult if not impossible to save them.

You would therefore be well advised to see to it that your shoes are treated in good time with proper care and a good waterproofing agent in order to guard against the formation of water and grit rings. Smooth and suede types of leather are equally sensitive in this respect. Our tips will help you to keep your shoes clean and dry during the cold season.

Very important: apply the waterproofing spray before your first outing in the shoes.

You should thoroughly waterproof your shoes straightaway after purchase as, in most cases, new shoes are not pre-treated by the manufacturer. In order to achieve good basic waterproofing you should spray your shoes two or three times before wearing them for the first time. Depending upon stress and weather conditions, protection should subsequently be refreshed regularly.

A pleasant side effect: correct waterproofing does not merely protect leather against wetness, but also against persistent stains, as the dirt is not able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the leather. By polishing your shoes regularly with shoe polish you also guard against the material becoming brittle and acquiring dry, pale patches.

Our tips for perfect waterproofing

  1. Always apply the waterproofing spray before other care products such as shoe polish. This is because the spray works deep in the inner of the leather, whereas the shoe polish takes care of the upper layers
  2. Apply the waterproofing spray in the open air, if possible .
  3. Hold the waterproofing spray roughly one can’s length away from the shoe .
  4. Take care to apply evenly so that the shoe does not become too damp.
  5. Allow the waterproofing agent to dry for at least 20 minutes at room temperature. Do not place your shoes close to the heating, however, as this will cause the material to become brittle.
  6. Repeat the application regularly – in winter we recommend you waterproof your shoes after having worn them between 7-and 10-times.

You are on the safe side in autumn and winter with our high-performance waterproofing agent CARBON PRO. Its revolutionary technology affords your shoes better and longer-lasting protection than all previous waterproofing agents. Your shoes are easier to clean, water-resistant and breathable – for up to 10-times of wearing.

For all those who would rather waterproof their shoes in their warm living rooms, the high-performance Protect & Care pump spray from Collonil’s organic-range is recommended. This is also suitable for application indoors, as it is free of any greenhouse gases and solvents. Thanks to its effective formula containing genuine olive oil, Organic Protect & Care offers extra-strong waterproofing- and all this with 95 % natural ingredients.

And by the way: your leather hats, jackets and bags can also be protected from dampness and ugly water rings using professional waterproofing agents.

More tips on how to take care of and protect your shoes under all weather conditions are to be found in our monthly newsletter.

by Kristina Machalk


Applicable Products


Cleaning brush

Cleaning brush for textiles

Practical cleaning brush for dry and wet cleaning of textiles, as well as for gentle cleaning of creative fashion leathers.

Protect & Care

Waterproofing and caring with real olive oil

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Protect & Care provides lasting and effective protection from dirt and moisture while treating with real olive oil. Thanks to the environmentally friendly sprayer it can also be used in closed rooms. ...
Shake before use. Hold bottle upright and spray at a distance of about 20 cm pressing firmly and briefly. Spread using a soft cloth and allow it to work in. Roughen up suede if necessary.

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