PutzFlash / episode 1 - The ketchup-mustard-challenge

Ketchup, mustard and barbecue fat are the worst enemies of white summer shoes – unless they have been treated with Carbon Pro before the barbecue party.
Mild summer evenings encourage barbecuing. Textile shoes in light colours are a popular component of summer outfits. The pleasure lasts until a splash of ketchup lands on them. In this video, Colloni insider Pascale once again demonstrates the power of our Carbon Pro high-tech sprays. With them, no trace of dirt remains even on white textile shoes after rinsing with clear water. This is hard to believe if you have not seen it with your own eyes.

Applicable Products


Carbon Pro

Extremely durable protection against dirt and wetness

300 ml (€4.98 / 100 ml)
Our latest innovation in high-performance waterproofers. A revolutionary technology which enters a new era in shoe care. There has never been a product which protects better or lasts longer Protectio...
Spray from a distance of at least 30cm onto the cleaned surface of the material. The product must be used in well ventilated rooms or outside. After spray has dried completely, other care products ca...

Chelsea Boots – a Classic Product

Chelsea Boots – a Classic Product
We are familiar with them all – the classic products which, in case of doubt, are always suitable. Just like the “Little Black Dress” in the world of women’s fashion our Chelsea Boots have, for some time now, had their established place in th...