Car Care

The leather that covers car seats is usually exposed to a lot of stress. Our CAR CARE products preserve and protect the material

Product Set

Car Care Set

Cleaning and Care Set for Car Leather

  • - Polishing Cloth
  • - Leather Lotion
  • - Leather & Textile Cleaner
  • - Cockpit Spray
  • - Nylon Bag (green)
To Set
Cleaning and caring lotion, packed in a practical bag together with a microfiber towel. If used regularly, the leather stays smooth and neat. Even brittle leather gets back its soft grip. CAR CARE CLEANER (150ml): special cleaner for smooth leather, cleans thoroughly and gently. CAR CARE LOTION (150...

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Cockpit Spray

Perfect high performance care for any interiois

200 ml (€6.75 / 100 ml)
Cares for any plastic, wooden and metal surfaces in the interior. Ist special combination of active agents refreshes colours and provides the interior with a pleasant scent. Optimal dust repellency due to anti-static effect. Protect against frost. Silicon-free. Propellant-free.
Apply directly onto the area to be treated and distribute with a clean cloth.

Leather & Textile Cleaner

High quality Special cleaner for leather and textile materials

200 ml (€5.25 / 100 ml)
The high quality formula cleans all kinds of leather, textile seat covers and carpets. Cleans gently, does not bleach. Ideal for all smooth leather surfaces as well as perforated leathers, alcantara and mixed textiles fabrics.
Apply the cleaner evenly and distrubute with a cloth or a brush; remove dirt and product residues with a clean cloth. Protect against frost. Solvent-free.

Leather Lotion

High quality Special care for smooth leather

200 ml (€5.25 / 100 ml)
This high quality Lotion provides care for the leather, acts colour-activating and preserves the original optics. Prevents from premature ageing and wear.
Apply evenly with a cloth, allow to absorb and polish afterwards. Protect against frost. Solvent-free.