Set for Patent Leather

Set for Patent Leather

Cleaning & Care Kit for Patent Leather

Lack Mousse Maintains shine and elasticity of patent leather. Clean & Care Cleaning foam with caring properties. Polishing Cloth for free.


Products in this Set

Lack Mousse Classic

Care and protect for smooth patent leather

Cares and protects smooth patent and crush patent leather. Mantains shine and elasticy. Suitable for shoes, bags and clothing.
Can be used indoors.

Clean & Care Classic

Conditioning cleaning foam

Universal cleaning foam for all materials and material combinations. Deeply engrained dirt will be completely removed.
Spray the foam onto a cloth or sponge (not directly onto the shoe!) and then distribute evenly and generously all over the shoe. After this, use a damp cloth to remove the foam from the shoe. Check the colour fastness of all materials first before using the product.