Shoe care

Shoe care

Smooth leather

Smooth leather is one of the most commonly used leathers. It is covered with a water- and dirt-repellent smooth finish which makes the material extremely robust.

Rough leather

Rough leather typically has a velvety surface. If you take a closer look you can make out the individual fibres


Patent leather is finished with an oil varnish or foil coating. This finish is absolutely impermeable to water and dirt on the one hand, but also to most of the care products

Greased leather

Greased leather has a very characteristic surface. If you gently scratch the surface with your fingernails you cause a wax displacement which results in a clearly visible line.


Textile shoes are lighter than leather shoes and are thus a popular choice during summer.

Fine smooth leather

Fine smooth leather is a soft material that leaves your skin with a very comfortable feeling. Due to the fact that there is no finish applied, the pores remain open and allow water and, unfortunately dirt as well, to be absorbed by the material straight away.

Synthetic leather

It is hard to make a difference between synthetic leather and genuine smooth leather. Therefore, watch out for symbols or material specifications when buying shoes. Alternatively look for a cutting edge: if the edge is even and you cannot make out any fibres the material is likely to be imitation le...


High-Tex material is a breathable and moisture repellent functional membrane on the inside of the shoe. High-Tex materials can easily be identified by their marking: there are small brand name labels on the outside of the shoe that say Gore Tex or Sympatex or similar.