Easy-Care Children’s Shoes: Think Before You Buy

Children's shoes often withstand countless adventures if they're well cared for, of course. When buying kid's shoes, make sure to think ahead about the care they require.

There are few shoes out there that take as much abuse as children’s shoes do. Between the puddles, wet sand and brambles – things that adults tend to avoid and kids love – their shoes can easily end up in a rough state to say the least.

When that happens, there’s not much left to do other than to invest a bit of love, shoe polish and elbow grease and get those shoes shining once more. We grown-ups don’t mind cleaning up every now and then, but there are a few things to note when buying new shoes that could make our work a bit simpler.

Two pairs and a shoe horn

Even though little ones tend to outgrow their shoes at an astounding rate, it’s worth always buying two pairs at once. That way, your child can alternate which pair they wear, giving the shoe an occasional day’s rest and time to dry at room temperature. (Remember: Never try to dry shoes in the dryer. It will ruin each and every type of shoe).

Kids rarely exercise caution when putting on and taking off their shoes, and heels often start to show the impact of this. Enter shoe horns: Not only will the shoe be protected and kept intact, but your little ones will likely enjoy putting their shoes on with a tool.

Easy-to-clean leather shoes

In our era of abundance, children’s shoes, like adult’s, are now available in every colour, shape and material imaginable. When it comes to maintenance, however, smooth leather shoes still take the cake for easiest to clean (except for wellies perhaps). The smooth finish makes it harder for dirt and moisture to soak into the material. Paired with a good waterproofing spray, these are your best bet for longer-lasting children’s shoes.

With the wide range of shoe polish colours available today, you should have no problem making those shoes shine in high gloss. You may be pleasantly surprised by the number of colours featured in our SHOE CREAM and WATERSTOP COLOURS lines. Don’t see the exact tone you need? No problem. You can simply use the next lightest colour.

Wash children’s shoes in the washing machine

While children’s fabric shoes aren’t nearly as robust as leather shoes, they are machine washable, which is certainly an advantage. Hang on… can you really just toss shoes in the washing machine? We’ve heard that question before. If you use our SNEAKER WASH solution, you can finally be sure that you’re not going down the wrong path. Just make sure there isn’t any leather trim or other sensitive material on the shoe before washing it.

That doesn’t mean that mixed-material shoes aren’t suitable for children. They just require a bit more attention, especially when it comes to waterproofing and care. The CARBON PRO waterproofing spray is a high-performance treatment that can help make more sensitive materials completely impenetrable to moisture.

Always waterproof new shoes

You should always waterproof new kid’s shoes before the first wear. Very few brands are truly waterproof when you buy them off the shelf or online. Take note of the application instructions for the waterproofing treatment. It’s important to only use sprays when you’re outdoors or in well-circulated areas, especially if there are children in the house.

If you want to clean your shoes with your children (you can never start that habit too soon!) be sure to use mild cleaning and care products. Our organic line uses minimal chemicals and features up to 90% natural ingredients. Kids love taking out laces and putting them back in after cleaning!