Canvas Shoes: Cleaning, Washing and Care Made Easy

Summertime means time for canvas shoes. Unfortunately, many end up being thrown away after just one season because they start looking unsightly. But must it be that way?

Canvas shoes are light, comfortable and give your foot a slim appearance. They barely add any weight to your holiday bags and you can even wear them barefoot. All in all, fabric shoes are the perfect summer footwear companions.

If only there wasn’t any dirt around. Dirt and dust seem to easily find their way into the material of cloth shoes, but it’s not so easy to get back out. We’ll show you what to do to make sure you and your canvas favourites enjoy another few seasons together.

Cleaning Canvas Shoes – A Matter of Brushing

The easiest and most important step in cleaning canvas shoes is so simple that we often ask ourselves: Why doesn’t everyone do this? Take a CLEANING BRUSH and brush off dust, sand and other dirt clinging to the shoe surface. Voilà! It’s best to brush your shoes after each and every wear, since dirt can’t be absorbed by the material if it isn’t left lingering on the surface.

If the dirt has already settled into the fabric (this happens as soon as moisture is involved), it’s not a deal breaker. The mild cleansing lotion BAMBOO LOTION will loosen the dirt and the sturdy bristles of the CLEANING BRUSH will help remove it from every nook and cranny.

Waterproof Canvas Shoes – Preventative Measures Are Better Than Cleaning

This simple cleaning method will brighten even the whitest shoes. But if we’re honest, it might be better to skip all of the scrubbing and frequently waterproof your shoes instead. (When we say frequently, we mean more frequently than you waterproof leather shoes). Applying a protective layer like VARIO SPRAY not only keeps moisture away, but it also fends off dirt.

Washing Canvas Shoes – Easy Trick or a No-Go?

In terms of vulnerability, canvas shoes have one leg up on leather shoes: They can handle wet washing. SNEAKER WASH is a special Collonil product that is well suited for just that. Mix the recommended handwashing dose with warm water and clean your shoes with a sponge or towel.

You could also pop your canvas shoes into the washing machine. You might think it’s awful for your shoes, but it’s not if you make sure they are washable and you closely follow the care instructions. Washing your footwear at 30°C and using a spin cycle of max. 600 shouldn’t damage normal shoes. However, if your pair include leather bits or special decorations, you’re better off avoiding the wash.

Before putting your shoes into the washing machine, make sure to remove any loose parts such as laces or insoles and wash those separately. To protect your shoes during spin cycles, toss them into the SNEAKER WASH washing bag. Adding a few towels to the load also works as a good buffer. Afterwards, dry your shoes at room temperature.

Barefoot in Canvas Shoes – Do It Hygienically

Those who wear cloth shoes barefoot shouldn’t only be worried about dirt and muck gathering on the outside of their footwear. Sweat-moistened shoe interiors are beloved spots for bacteria to take hold and start smelling. Use INSIDE FRESH & CLEAN after every wear and the insides of your shoes will be as clean as a freshly laundered t-shirt.