How to Clean Leather Car Seats

Leather car seats certainly look impressive – until your kids leave crisps and chocolate behind, that is. No need to fret, here’s how to keep your leather car interior in tip-top shape.

A coffee spill on your leather seat, greasy fingerprints on the dashboard: Sometimes these incidents are unavoidable, but even normal everyday activities place serious demands on leather car seats and interiors over time. It’s important to clean the inside of your car regularly if you want to keep it looking good for years to come. After all, a thorough clean helps protect it from wear and tear.

How do you clean car upholstery and leather car seats?

Car interiors require an effective, yet gentle clean. Surface-level stains and spills can usually be taken care of with a dry cleaning. Try the SOFT GUM to erase dirt and marks from smooth leather. CLEANER works well on suede and nubuck surfaces. Make sure to brush rougher leather interiors with a VELOURS-BOY after cleaning.

If you’re dealing with more stubborn dirt, try the LEATHER & TEXTILE CLEANER. It gets rid of hard-to-clean stains without discolouring the material. The cleaner works well on seats made of fine smooth leather as well as perforated leather and alcantara, both of which are common automotive interior materials. Mixed textile fabrics can likewise be easily treated with this cleaner.

Spray the LEATHER & TEXTILE CLEANER on the car upholstery. Make sure to brush suede, nubuck and textile seats with a CLEANING BRUSH before wiping the cleaner and dirt away with a damp towel.

If you ever get motor oil or other grease on the seats, try using the REINIGER spray. Be sure to only apply a thin layer to surfaces in a well-ventilated car.

What about coloured leather seats?

Take care when using coloured polish on leather seats. It’s not recommended to apply coloured polish to large areas as you run the risk of getting polish on your clothes.

At most, you should only apply coloured polish to very small blemishes. WATERSTOP COLOURS works well for smooth leather. It’s important to give the area a thorough buff afterwards to minimise any colour transfer. Since you cannot buff suede and nubuck, we do not recommend using coloured products on these materials.

LEATHER LOTION is better suited for use on large surfaces. It not only nourishes the leather with valuable oils, but it also refreshes colours and spares your clothing from discolouration.

Should you waterproof car seats?

Waterproofing sprays are generally not recommend for use indoors. Plus, waterproofing your car seats is not really necessary since they aren’t exposed to harsh weather conditions. Regularly treating surfaces with the products listed above is generally enough protection for your car’s leather seats.

More than just the seats – clean the whole interior

The rest of your car’s interior can be cleaned using the COCKPIT SPRAY. Apply this cleaner to any components made of plastic, wood or metal with a soft cloth. It prevents electrostatic charge, dust and protects surfaces from dirt. It also has a subtle cedar odour, leaving your car smelling fresh.

Next time you set out to wash your car, spend a few more minutes on the interior. Giving it a little extra attention pays off because well-cared-for leather seats are resistant to stains and look like new much longer.