Shining Results for Brush Off Leather Shoes

Looking at shoes for a special occasion? High-gloss brush off leather shoes certainly offer an elegant touch, but their maintenance isn’t always straightforward. Here are a few tips and tricks.

Brush off leather is a type of smooth leather. During the production process, the leather is rolled, smoothed and then polished. The result? A high-gloss silky shine that looks both elegant and high-end – the perfect look for evening wear. Brush off leather has all the advantages of smooth leather and more. The solid smooth surface isn’t as prone to gathering dust and dirt and that makes cleaning easier.

Blisters from Brush off Leather Shoes – You Have to Wear Them In

Rolling the leather during the production process makes it harder than other types of leather and thus, more prone to cracking. The best way to prevent this is to wear in the shoes so the material will gradually get softer and fit better to your foot. Applying STRETCH foam beforehand makes things even easier. Spray the foam onto stiff points before putting on your shoes. 1909 CRÈME DE LUXE nourishes and softens the material even further, whilst also refreshing the colour. Remove any excess polish with the 1909 POLISHING BRUSH and your shoes will shine like new.

Brush off Leather Requires Special Waterproofing

Brush off leather has excellent temperature-balancing qualities and allows moisture to escape from the shoe. However, due to the smoothed surface, it’s not as water resistant as other types of smooth leather. The material requires a particular type of waterproofing that both protects and cares for the leather. Use a waterproofing spray that contains wax and nourishes the leather such as 1909 SUPREME WAX. Once the spray has dried, polish your shoes with a soft cotton towel.