Make Your Leather Bag Shine

Some see it as a status symbol, others as a practical everyday item, but few women leave the house without it: the handbag. However, without proper care, your purse will start to show signs of wear.

Many women have a favourite handbag in their wardrobe. Depending on their style, it might be a high-quality leather bag from a top brand or a funky vintage handbag. However, regardless of how well protected you store a purse, it’s bound to be exposed to quite a lot out in the real world. We tend to cram them full to the brim, scrape them up again things and set them on the ground rain or shine. Yet somehow, handbags seem to withstand it all. Even so, they do require a little extra care every now and again, just like your favourite shoes. Try giving your favourite handbag a small wellness programme with proper care products and get it to shine like new.

Clean and Condition Your Purse

If your purse is only slightly dirty, try giving it a dry clean. Brush fabric bags with a CLEANING BRUSH and suede handbags with a VELOURS-BOY brush. Smooth leather is best cleaned with a soft cotton towel. The SOFT GUM cleaning rubber is perfect for gently cleaning smooth leather, fabric and microfibre bags. Light marks and spots on suede can be removed with the CLEANER CLASSIC dry cleaning rubber.

 If the dirt has had more time to set into the fabric, you may have to opt for a wet clean. RUSTICAL CLASSIC lotion is perfect for rustic-looking handbags with a wax coating. BAMBOO LOTION will get rid of any dust or dirt on smooth leather, suede and fabric purses. Make sure you brush the suede before and after cleaning with the VELOURS-BOY brush. That way, the fibres won’t stick together and the texture will stay intact.

We recommend using 1909 LEATHER CREAM on smooth leather; it helps prevent cracking and keeps the fine material looking vibrant. The cream even helps repair light scratches. Another tip: Don’t use coloured polishes on your handbag. The close proximity between your purse and your clothes could cause the colour to rub off onto the fabric.

Shield Against Dirt

Last, but not least, your handbag will certainly appreciate being shielded from water. Next time you waterproof your shoes, spray your purse as well. CARBON PRO is suitable for use on all materials, including suede, smooth leather and textiles. Keep your favourite pieces protected from unplanned showers and all those other bumps and spots.