How to Dry Shoes: First Aid for Wet Shoes

No one likes wet feet, especially if you have somewhere to be. Here’s how to quickly dry your wet shoes without damaging them.

The best way to dry wet shoes is packing them with newspaper. It takes a little extra time, but it’s the most gentle method and won’t damage the material. If you don’t have any newspaper on hand, kitchen roll or another absorbent material will also work.

Fill your wet shoes completely with paper. Make sure you to pay attention to the shoe shape. Leather is a natural material and can dent and warp easily. Set the filled shoes on a few extra sheets of newspaper in a warm, well-ventilated room.

After a while if the shoes aren’t dry and the paper inside feels damp, replace it and leave them rest a bit longer. It may take one or two days for your shoes to dry completely.

When Time Is an Issue - Electric Shoe Drying

If you’re in a rush, an electric shoe dryer may be exactly what you need. Electric shoe dryers use a heat source to warm air and direct it into the shoe or warm the air already inside the shoe. Both types of dryer will reliably get rid of excess moisture. Shoe dryers are particularly popular in winter sports for drying ski or snowboard boots.

However, the speed comes at a cost. When using electric shoe dryers, it’s important to follow the user instructions carefully in order to avoid damaging your shoes. We don’t recommend using electric shoe dryers on sensitive leather shoes, for example.

Radiators, Hairdryers and Ovens – Not Recommended for Drying Shoes

Though these methods may appear convenient, we don’t recommend drying wet shoes directly on radiators, in the oven or with a hairdryer. Leather or synthetic materials may become brittle and crack from strong direct heat exposure. This sort of damage is often irreversible.

Don’t Forget to Nourish Your Shoes After Drying

Once your shoes are dry, it’s time to get to work with shoe care. Water extracts vital nutrients from leather, leaving the material feeling dry and rough. Coloured polish helps replenish the material and refresh the colour. Be sure to use polish suitable for each respective type of leather. We recommend using WATERSTOP COLOURS for smooth leather and NUBUK & TEXTILE for suede.

To maintain the texture of suede or rough leather, make sure to use a CREPE BRUSH after applying the cream or polish. That way you’ll avoid leaving spots and preserve the overall look.

Leather can become misshapen while drying. If this happens, we recommend using the FORMA shoe tree to help it return to its original shape. In the event that unpleasant odours take hold, use the SHOE DEO SEA BREEZE to get things smelling fresh again.

Rain is certain to fall again so it’s best to take preventative measures and waterproof your shoes with CARBON PRO. Not only does this protect the surface of the shoe, but dirt and moisture won’t be able to soak into the material as easily – and if you feel so inclined, you can always test it out by splashing in a puddle.