How to Neutralise 7 Hard-To-Beat Odours

We all come into contact with unpleasant odours now and again, and some tend to linger in our clothes. Collonil now has the perfect solution for those frustrating odour problems.

It happens to everyone at some point: You get home after a long, hot day and notice your t-shirt reeks of sweat. Not to worry, you can just pop it into the washing machine. The following list, however, deals with harder-to-get-at odours. Not only are they unpleasant, but they’re also difficult to neutralise.

7. Smelly Shoes

Here at Collonil, we love shoes. Bacteria feel the same way, albeit in a slightly different way. They love the dark, warm and moist environment inside of shoes for multiplying and breaking down human sweat. A by-product of this process, of course, is the well-known and widely-despised stinky feet smell.

6. Food Smells in Your Suit

Midday cravings for greasy chips or a spicy takeout? You’d probably enjoy your indulgence a lot more if you weren’t constantly reminded of it back in the office. Food smells can linger in your formal wear longer than the food stays in your stomach.

Hund schläft auf Teppich

5. Pet Odours in Upholstery and Carpets

We’re sure your beloved furry friend loves cosying up to you and finding the best spot on your new sofa or carpet. It’s all fine and well until the wet dog runs in the door or the cat decides to use the spot as a litter box. The distinct smell of cat urine isn’t one that disappears after a simple spot treatment.

4. Musty Smell in Winter Jackets

As the temperatures start dropping, it’s time to unpack your down winter jacket from storage. Unfortunately, they are often kept in cellars and attics, but those are rarely the best storage spaces for clothing. It’s typically too cold, damp or mouldy, which all leave seasonal clothing with an unpleasant musty odour. The washing machine is no help with down, of course, and the tulips are likely to be in bloom before the smell dissipates on its own.

3. Cigarette Smoke in the Car

Any non-smoker who’s ridden in a smoker’s car knows what we’re on about. The smell of nicotine can cause some people to feel nauseous or have headaches. A single cigarette is often enough to set them off. But the smell of stale cigarette smoke finds its way so deeply into upholstery and into every corner of the car that it’s not only sensitive noses that feel bothered.

2. Sweaty Odour in Caps

A cap is a vital accessory for the youth of today and the young at heart. It’s another one of those items that’s worn everyday and comes into direct contact with skin and hair. Again, this isn’t something you can just toss into the washing machine, unless you want to ruin your cap. Hats with visors made of cardboard are particularly sensitive to water. It doesn’t take much imagination to bring to mind the unpleasant odours that develop under those lids.

Gerüche in der Sporttasche

1. Sport Bag Odours

The worst and most frustrating of them all: the gym bag. Sporting bags are home to a symphony of well-known soloists, including the sport shoes smelling of stinky feet, the freshly-worn sweaty sport shirt and the drenched towel (“Oops that was from last week!”). When they all come together, your gym bag can quickly become a sensory nightmare for any nearby nose.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, you’re likely begging for a simple solution. BREEZE Odour Neutraliser is a quick and easy way to remove unpleasant odours from clothing, bags, shoes and furniture. In contrast to textile deodorants, BREEZE has an innovative active ingredient that prevents odour-causing molecules from taking hold via a bonding process.

For the best results, spray BREEZE on damp clothing as the binding agent is moisture activated. The spray works right side up and upside down, making it straightforward to apply to shoes, bags and other hard-to-reach corners.