Sensitive Uggs: How to Clean Sheepskin Boots

Sheepskin boots are soft and perfect for keeping your feet cosy and warm during winter months. But how are you supposed to clean weather-sensitive ugg boots?

Whether you’re out for a Christmas stroll or cosy at home on the sofa, sheepskin boots belong to winter as much as mulled wine and Christmas crackers. Better known as ugg boots, they are great for keeping your feet warm during the coldest season of the year. But not only that, they’re also trendy! Ever since Hollywood stars like Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio started wearing them in the early 2000’s, uggs have been a staple of fashionable footwear.

From Sheepskin to Ugg Boot

Who would’ve thought that the name of the most iconic sheepskin boot has unattractive roots? Supposedly, an Australian man by the name of Frank Mortels from Mortels Sheepskin Factory coined the term ‘ugg boot’ in 1958, after his wife called the first sheepskin shoes ugly. Thus, this type of boot was called ‘ugg’ long before the American brand name UGG (in capitals) was established as a protected name around the world.

This type of footwear has been made in Australia since the 1930s. They were originally worn by surfers to keep their feet warm during competitions. The boots eventually made their way to other countries through the sport. In 1995, Deckers Outdoor Corporation started producing them in the US under the name UGG Australia. Ever since, there has been conflict between Deckers and Australian manufacturers about the term ‘ugg’. Is it a protected brand name or a general term?

The Winter Boot That Wasn’t

The classic ugg is a slip-on boot with a mid-level shaft. It is made of light brown lambskin (or sheepskin), features a synthetic sole made of ethylene-vinyl acetate and external accent stitching. The shoe or boot is suede on the outside and has thick, soft fleece in the inside, which is perfect for regulating foot temperature. That’s why your feet are able to stay nice and cool in summer and extra warm in winter.

Nowadays, the boots are available in a wide range of colours and shapes and feature stylish extras such as buttons, glitter or sequins.

Ugg boots are really best suited for wear indoors. The material is soft, shows signs of wear easily and is very water absorbent. If you insist on wearing them outdoors during the winter months, however, know that they require intensive care! 

How to Care for Ugg Boots

The first thing you should do is waterproof your uggs to ensure they last a long time – and don’t forgot to refresh the treatment every so often! FASHION BOOTS waterproofing spray from Collonil is specially designed for use on sheepskin boots. It is the perfect product for overall boot care. Not only does it protect them from water, snow and salt stains, but it also nourishes the material with oils to replenish the suede and enrich the colour. You should avoid using shoe polish or liquid shoe products with uggs as it’s hard to distribute evenly. 

If you have light surface-level stains, try using the NUBUK BOX. It is a dry cleaning product that roughens the suede and prevents spots and smudges from setting. If your boots require a deeper wet clean, we recommend Collonil BAMBOO LOTION. It’s perfect for getting rid of dirt and nourishes the material with bamboo extract. Spray it directly on the boots and brush the dirt away with a CLEANING BRUSH and your uggs will look like new!