The Best Way to Store Winter Shoes

As temperatures start to rise, your winter shoes and boots are needed less and less. That means it’s time to give them a good clean and prepare them for proper storage through the warmer months.

Before tucking your winter shoes away for spring and summer, make sure to give them a thorough clean and polish. That way, the leather won’t dry out and your favourite cold weather shoes will be ready to wear as soon as the next winter approaches. Pay attention to the requirements of specific materials, because smooth leather and suede don’t always tolerate the same products.

Begin with Cleaning and Waterproofing

If your shoes have a rough surface, begin by cleaning them with a CLEANING BRUSH to get rid of any major dirt and dust. You should skip this step if you’re dealing with more sensitive smooth leather. It’s important to give both types of leather a moist clean to remove salt and snow rings. Use SHAMPOO DIRECT to tackle any deeper stains. CLEAN & CARE  and CARBON CLEANING FOAM are another products that offers a deep clean, yet is gentle on your shoes.
Place your shoes away from direct heat sources and allow them to dry completely before applying any waterproofing treatments. WATERSTOP CLASSIC is the perfect choice for smooth leather. SPECIAL WAX is better suited for use with nappa, aniline and antique leathers. The NUBUK + VELOURS waterproofing spray works well with suede shoes or boots.

Polish Before Storing

Shoes can easily dry out in storage. The result is brittle, cracked leather. You need to properly care for the leather to make sure its colour and texture are maintained throughout the summer months. Use 1909 LEATHER CREAM to keep fine smooth leather soft and supple. WATERSTOP COLOURS is another great product to nourish leather whilst also giving coloured leather a refreshing boost.
The best product to use with suede is the liquid NUBUK + TEXTILE. It’s important to maintain the velvety texture of suede during care. Both the CREPE BRUSH and NUBUK BOX help ensure you don’t flatten the material during treatment.

Shapely and Protected - Shoe Trees and Storage

Last, but not least, you should use suitable shoe trees to help maintain your shoes’ proper shape and prevent wrinkles from forming. The FORMER for high boots is perfect for stabilising the shaft of taller winter boots.
The boot FORMER also has a hanging device that allows you to store your boots on a clothes rail, etc. Be sure you don’t stack your shoes on top of one another; it’s important to store each pair individually. Fabric storage bags are space saving and breathable. Shoe boxes are more stable and can also allow leather to breathe if the lid is left slightly ajar or the box features air vents.