Fight Unpleasant Odours with BREEZE

Unpleasant odours are even more frustrating if they settle into clothing or shoes that aren’t easily thrown into the wash. Runners, caps and sport bags are some of the toughest sites to combat odours, but now there’s a way...

Nina is always on the go, and usually on four wheels. She rides her skateboard to university, around town and at the skatepark in the evenings. She also plays basketball, holds down a part-time job in a burger bar and enjoys a good night out. In short: Nina is rarely at home, leaving her little time to fuss over taking care of her shoes and clothes.

Odour elimination made easy

In addition to her skateboard, there’s another accessory Nina won’t leave the house without: her favourite hat. The grey corduroy cap from DC Shoes was a birthday gift from her best friend. Nina rarely takes it off, yet somehow it still looks in decent shape. Inside is another story, however. Every time she wears it, the hat absorbs sweat and oil from her skin and inevitably builds a hefty stench.

Nina wishes she could just throw her cap and leather sneakers into the wash, but it’s not that simple. Same goes for her sport bag that rapidly absorbs the smell of sweaty t-shirts and wet towels.
No need to worry, however, now there’s an effective solution for fighting odours: BREEZE odour neutraliser. BREEZE refreshens hats, bags, shoes and jackets. It doesn’t just mask one scent with another, but rather contains an innovative active ingredient that bonds with odour-causing molecules, preventing the release of unpleasant smells.

BREEZE works best with damp or sweaty articles as the active agent is moisture activated. The earlier you apply the fabric refresher, the better since BREEZE stops odour-causing bacteria from taking hold in the first place.

Your clothes won’t be left reeking of perfume afterwards either. BREEZE leaves things smelling like fresh laundry. The compact spray canister fits easily into any bag and works right-side up and upside down; a practical feature for spraying shoes. Applying BREEZE only takes 30 seconds, making it the perfect solution for those of us like Nina who don’t have loads of time to devote to removing odours from our belongings.

Remove odours on the go

Since using BREEZE, Nina has stopped worrying whether her clothes are giving off bad odours. She’s much more relaxed and has learned that the spray not only works wonders against sweat, but also gets rid of cigarette smoke, greasy food smells and pet odours from her cat Mao. BREEZE takes care of business, just like Nina on her skateboard.