3 Tips for Clean and Comfy Sandals

When you think of caring for your footwear, sandals rarely come to mind there isn't enough shoe there to clean! Here are a few pointers that will help you get more life out of your sandals.

It was love at first sight through the display window: You and your cognac-coloured strappy sandals. You were a perfect fit and enjoyed fabulous strolls along the promenade together.

Now that your holidays are over and you’ve returned to the daily grind, is your summer shoe affair over? Or are you looking for more? If so, you may want to invest a bit more in the relationship.

Clean your sandals, protect your straps

Sandals often feature minimal amounts of leather, but it’s still important to clean and take care of it. 1909 LEATHER LOTION provides leather with nourishing oils and moisture, which help keep the material flexible. That’s good news considering the strain those thin bits of leather are placed under, especially near holes and buckles.
Keep the instep hygienic and fresh

Don’t ignore the instep either. Clothes and accessories that directly contact the skin require more frequent washing. The same goes for sandal insteps.

In an ideal world, you’d clean your sandals after every wear. If you do clean them frequently, it’s best to use a mild cleanser that will clean the instep without irritating your skin. We recommend INSIDE FRESH & CLEAN shoe interior cleanser.

Insoles make sandals more comfortable

Regular cleaning isn’t the only way to protect the interior of your favourite summer sandals. There are finally quality comfort sandal insoles available. The SISTER PIPPA STYLE insoles are extra thin and adhere straight to the instep of your sandal.

What’s in it for you? Well, your sandals will feel softer and more comfy. The walking surface will feel smooth and dry and your sandal instep will be protected from dirt – and the summery designs are an eye-catcher!and they have a trendy summer look!