ORGANIC Protection 500 ml

ORGANIC Protection 500 ml

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ORGANIC Protection 500 ml


Ecological universal protection for all natural and artificial stones

  • Solvent-free impregnation for all stone surfaces indoors and outdoors, tiles, concrete floors, concrete and natural stone facade
  • Protects long-lasting from weather influences and dirt
  • Effects effectively the quick penetration of aqueous, greasy and oily contamination
  • The impregnation penetrates deep into the stone without changing the appearance of the surface
  • The breathability of the stone is retained









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For indoor and outdoor. Ecological universal solvent-free impregnation. It provides lasting protection against weather influences and stress and effectively prevents the rapid penetration of watery, greasy and oily dirt.

The impregnation penetrates deeply and provides ecological protection without changing the appearance of the surface. The breathability in the stone is retained. Easiest application - best and long-lasting protection.

Detailed instructions

Preparation: Clean the area to be treated, preferably with COLLONIL STONE ORGANIC CLEANING. Let dry well. The processing and stone temperature should be between 10 ° C - 25  C lie. With underfloor heating, make sure that a stone temperature of 30 ° C is not  exceeded. Before use, check for surface compatibility in an inconspicuous area.

Application: Ready-to-use solution undiluted with an absorbent floor wiper, mop or apply sealing brush evenly and generously. If necessary, absorb excess with an absorbent cloth, to avoid streaks. A second application is recommended for highly absorbent substrates. Polish shiny surfaces if necessary. Coverage up to 20 m² depending on the absorbency of the material.

Drying time: can be walked on after 60 minutes. Full protection after 36 hours.

Mandatory information

Warnings: not required

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