The 360 ° concept for hygiene and freshness

The COLLONIL Bleu brand emerged at a moment when fast and responsible action was required: at the beginning of March 2020. Hygiene was suddenly much more than just cleanliness; above all, it meant safety in everyday life.

The idea of developing high-quality hygiene products for different disinfection needs for hands, surfaces and textiles has been in the Berlin air for quite some time. Our Research Department has been developing effective anti-microbial sprays for export customers for many years. These formulas formed the basis for our effective 360-degree concept. It is based on experience, innovative spirit and scientific skill. Qualities for which our company, founded in 1909, is well-known around the world. 

The heart of COLLONIL Bleu is the Virus Stop liquid. Highly effective disinfection, cleaning and protection products for solid surfaces, shoe soles, leather and textiles complement the Blue Line perfectly.

COLLONIL Bleu gives us the good feeling of living in a hygienically clean and completely safe way in every situation. At home, at work, on the go – everywhere.


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