Car Care Set 3 x 150ml

Car Care Set 3 x 150ml

  • Care
  • Clean
  • Protect

Car Care Set 3 x 150ml


Car Care Set for leather and textiles

  • The set for the perfect care of the car interior
  • The Leather & Textile Cleaner removes reliably stubborn dirt
  • The Leather Lotion nourishes smooth leather with high quality oils and thus prevents early aging and wear
  • The Cockpit spray with noble cedar scent cares for plastic, wood and metal, provides optimal protection against electrostatic charging
  • The cleaning brush and the polishing cloth complete the care set. with practical bag






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A clean car is as important for a first impression as well-cared for shoes. And Collonil has been very familiar with the latter for years. With this expert knowledge of leather and textile care, Collonil also developed a strong range for the vehicle sector. The Car Care Care Set offers everything you need to take care of the interior of your car. It not only includes products for cleaning and caring for seats made of smooth leather and textile, but also for the cockpit area. The focus is not only on the presentability of the vehicle. The care ensures that your car interior can withstand everyday stress and remains durable. The set is packaged in a practical nylon bag to save space and contains a polishing cloth and a cleaning brush in addition to the cleaning and care products.

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