Cockpit Spray

Cockpit Spray

  • Anti odor
  • Care

Cockpit Spray

Anti odor

Special care for the car interior

  • High-quality cockpit spray for the care of all plastic, wooden and metal parts
  • Receives the new look of the vehicle interior
  • Noble cedar wood fragrance and excellent color waterproofing
  • Facts dust-repellent and protects against rapid repulsion
  • High-tech product from the exclusive Car Care line





Inner space

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The Cockpit Spray from the Car Care series is another product that has been developed for the very specific demands of a car interior. It nourishes plastic, wood and metal parts in the interior and retains the original appearance of the individual parts in the car interior. The spray also offers optimal protection against electro static charge, repelling dust and stopping the car interior getting dirty again. Last but not least, the Cockpit Spray freshens up the colour and gives the interior a classic cedar wood fragrance. The perfect addition to the Leather & Textile Cleaner.

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