CARBON LAB Protecting Spray AF

CARBON LAB Protecting Spray AF

  • Protect

CARBON LAB Protecting Spray AF


Impregnation protection for all materials

  • Aerosol-free pump spray without propellant gas
  • Protects effectively from moisture, dirt and stains
  • Long-lasting protection
  • The breathability of the material remains 100%
  • Must-Have from the Carbon Lab line




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CARBON PROTECTING SPRAY AEROSOL FREE provides high-performance long lasting protection for all materials. The Protecting Spray forms an invisble, breathable, resilient protective shield on all surfaces, protecting against dirt and moisture.

Detailed instructions

Shake the Protecting Spray well before use, spray on and apply with a cloth or sponge. Allow to dry thoroughly (at least 12 hrs.) and then brush suede, or polish smooth leather as required.

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